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Dołączył: 30 Mar 2018
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PostWysłany: Sro Kwi 04, 2018 06:35    Temat postu: uthentic-kwaun-williams-jersey Odpowiedz z cytatem

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It is a fighting test that helps to recognize the character of a wolfhound and if it is useful to use him for breeding. To choose the best dogs to participate on breeding is quite a difficult task, but the fighting test will show the condition of the dog Bogdan Lobont Jersey , it s temperament and dominant tendencies, and at the same time will let the dog train itself in a fighting respect.

The wolfhounds that need such a test to preserve their original endowments and typical use are Akbash, Anatolian Shepherd, Caucasian Ovcharka, Central Asian Ovcharka, Koochee Andrea Romagnoli Jersey , Turkish Kangal and other livestock guardians.
It was proven, that wolfhounds without such a test will gradually degrade. The saddest situation is probably in the USA and UK, where wolfhounds do not have to pass any fighting test and therefore their fighting readiness is gradually going down. If this will continue, these dogs can degenerate. The legislation of most of modern countries forbids the testing of fighting readiness of wolfhounds, who were however designed to be capable to fight and overpower a wolf, which is a quality that they are gradually losing.

Old sources speak about the dog s ability to stand the pain Alisson Jersey , to act individually, to be able to fight wolves, about true maleness in wolfhounds and about a strong will able to resist all the opponents. These old qualities should not pass away and the testing examination of wolfhounds should continue. For without it wolfhounds will get degenerated.
Speaking of wolfhounds, I would like to mention some of their other merits, which they have got apart from their ability to fight other dogs and wolves: These are resistance against colds and bad weather in general, ideal ratio of quickness and power Alessandro Florenzi Jersey , good instincts without any bigger degradation, aggression toward strangers, and moreover they are less demanding as far as needs for food concern.

Many books are talking about dog conditioning, mentioning play fighting with other dogs, playing with a ball, running Aleksandar Kolarov Jersey , swimming and similarly, but as it has already been proven in practice, no such activity can replace the fighting test. When two dogs fight, their attacking and defensive techniques are well exercised plus pain resistance, psychic condition, self confidence etc.

There is no other exercise or training Abdullahi Nura Jersey , which could completely replace the testing examination of wolfhounds. It is an old tradition practices in the Ukraine, Russian Federation, Turkey and in other countries. Often it is a question of particular regions if this tradition is kept there or not.

On the conclusion I have to say, that I myself fully support this tradition of the fighting test of wolfhounds, although not everybody would agree with this attitude of mine.
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